Table of Contents



Section One: Getting to Know Us

  • From Paper to Pixels: Generation X as Digital Librarian by Emily Symonds
  • Understanding Gen X at Work: Securing the Library’s Future by Christy Groves and William Black
  • Generation X Librarians, Faculty & the Rise of Information Literacy by Leslie P. Mathews and Sergio Rizzo
  • X Marks the Spot by Rebecca Feind
  • Stuck in the Middle With You: Generation X Librarians by Lisa Carlucci Thomas and Karen Sobel

Section Two: Leadership

  • Managing Millennials: Advantages of Generation X Librarian Approaches by Breanne Geery and Jonathan Kirsch
  • Generation X Mentoring Millennials by Kathy Shields and Lynda Kellam
  • Breaking Away: Generation X Library Leadership by Jessica Clemons
  • A Finger in the Pie: A Look at How Multiple Careers Benefit the Library Professional by Dawn Lowe-Wincentsen

Section Three: Technology

  • Twitter My Glitter: A Dialogue on the Technological Expectations of Library Users by Rachel Williams and Jennifer Cromer
  • The Transitioning Library Collection: Is the Gen X Librarian the Right  Librarian at the Right Time? by Wil Weston
  • Hackers vs. Librarians—Some Thoughts on the Privilege of 2.0 Thinking by Jessamyn West

Section Four: Pop Culture

  • Geek Love: One Gen-X Librarian’s Take on a Dog-eared Novel of a Topic by Lindsey Reno
  • Watchers, Punks and Dashing Heroes: Representations of Male Librarians in Generation-X Mass Culture by Rafia Mirza and Maura Seale
  • Pinko vs. Punk: A Generational Comparison of Alternative Press Publications and Zines by Jenna Freedman

Section Five: Social Responsibility

  • Remaining Responsible, Remaining Relevant: Gen-X Librarians and Social Responsibility by Peter Lehu
  • Skeptic/Activist: Gen Xers in Radical Reference by Melissa Morrone
  • The Thin Red Line: How Gen X Librarians Make it Thicker (Views from Bosnia and Herzegovina) by Mario Hibert & Saša Madacki

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